LACUNY Professional Development Travel Grant

I was recently awarded a LACUNY Professional Development Travel Grant for my travel to LITA Forum this year!

I am thankful for such a great opportunity to help my travel funds to the conference this year. I’ll make a blog post about my writeup about the conference and include slides for my presentation on mobile usability on the City Tech website.

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Tech Happy Hour: Tools for Your Tablet Presentation

Yesterday, Monica, Maura, Anne and I presented on tablet-based productivity apps & tools for City Tech faculty.

We talked about various offline readers, note and clip utilities, and a variety of media production tools that you can use on your tablet.

My section of the presentation focused on SoundCloud, Photoshop Express, the Camera app for iOS, and Tascam PCM recorder. Our presentation and handout are available after the jump.

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Life of Pi

A group of colleagues, Robin Davis, Allie Verbovetskaya, Stephen Zweibel, and myself presented on the Raspberry Pi (RPi) today at the 12th Annual CUNY IT Conference.

If you were unable to attend, you can view our presentation online here. Additionally, Allie created a great handout that’s chock full of resources. We talked about what a Pi can do in aspects of pedagogy, research, and digital literacy.

For the presentation we created individual projects using Raspberry Pis, including a photo-sensor using Python, a “librarybox,” and a dropbox clone. I also demonstrated the use of a RPi as a webserver. I used Cherokee as the server software and created a citation machine using the Open Library API. You enter an ISBN number and it will pull book data from Open Library. It will then try its best to create a citation in MLA, APA, and Chicago style formats. You can try a demonstration here.

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Pinterest and Instagram Presentation for ALCOP 2013

I gave a presentation for the Association of Library Communication Outreach and Professional’s 3rd annual conference in Fort Washington, PA.

The presentation focuses on our initial use of the photo based social media networks, Pinterest and Instagram. There was a number of interesting questions that folks have asked. For instance, who holds the copyright for Instagram? Do our users hold copyright? Can we forego institutional photo release forms when its understood that users will be giving up their rights when they participate in our contests? Also, what are performance indicators for social media networks in general?

These are questions that may take some time to answer, as we see how our users interact with our social media networks and the services that they can offer.

You can view my presentation below.