Library Day in the Life Project

This is my first post for the Library Day in the Life Project. Today is my first day back from a four day vacation, so I think I’m going to be doing some catching up. Here’s my day so far:

8:25 – Arrive at work from my 6 mile commute from Greenpoint. It’s really hot in Brooklyn today and it’s great to be on a bike again. I end up in downtown Brooklyn and lock up outside work, the New York City College of Technology, CUNY. It’s an academic library where I work as the Multimedia and Web Services librarian.

8:45 – Check email. There’s a few call for paper emails I’m inspecting.

9:00 – Connect a projector in the Multimedia Resource Center for a class. I manage the MRC, and we’re closing it this morning for a class on finding research material. We have enough computers for a small class (20), but lack a projector.

9:15  – One of the librarians reminds me I have a reference desk shift at 11 today.

9:30 – Start up the workstations in the MRC for students to use. A few of them don’t work…

10:00 – Editing a paper that got accepted for publication. It’s a usability study with data the size of a mountain. I’m also working on . It’s the Library Association of CUNY website. I’m doing some back-end spam removal. Right now the site is using the Joomla content management system and I think we might move over to Drupal 7…We also use wordpress for this site and for the library’s website , where I’ll probably have to clean up some spam and update the core files.

10:45 – Set up a reference substitute for Thursday. Looks like I have a meeting I have to go to after being elected secretary for LACUNY.

11:00-1:00 – Helped several students at the reference desk. I helped some students with guest passes to our library computers, make copies, print out schedules, and use the catalog. While this was going on, I continued to edit my article.

12:30 – Gave my intern an assignment. Right now he is working on a video tutorial on how to make computer reservations.

1:00-1:30 – Lunch!

1:30-3:00 – Continued to work on my paper, as well as look at reviews for recently released films, as well as look at some new trailers.

4:00-4:45 – Still editing! It looks like I’ll be editing this paper until I leave at 6:00 today.

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