Netflix, Spotify, and eBooks

I read this great article in the Onion A.V. about Netflix’s new pricing plan. I think Sam makes some great observation about how viewers/listeners are becoming easier to please. He states how with every new video technology, some films get left behind, be it obscure art house movies or documentaries, and Netflix’s streaming video is no exception. He states:

“Movies that were mainstays of undergraduate film classes have been marginalized as colleges and universities zero out rental budgets and build new classrooms that only allow for projection from digital sources.”

As a multimedia librarian, this is something that I am partly concerned about. I am afraid that people will just settle with what’s given in front of them, instead of demanding quality films used to educate students. This is troubling. I feel that a growing trend is that students, faculty, and librarians will settle for what is easy to get, rather than hunt and search for more apt and intellectually stimulating material.

It’s very easy to sit in front of our computers and download/stream music. Yet I think we’re doing ourselves a disservice to people who don’t remember hunting down a particular video, musical piece, or even scholarly work, for their scholarly pursuits. There was a time before the internet, and the students today don’t remember that. Everything isn’t at their fingertips, and I feel that the stuff that is, just isn’t good enough.

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