Library Terms that Users Understand

Usability is one of those important things that every developer/designer should be aware of. If your users can’t navigate or understand your site within a few seconds of the page loading, it’s going to make very little sense.

John Kupersmith just updated the “Library Terms that Users Understand” website. It’s backed from the research of 51 usability studies. It’s easy to forget that librarians use lingo that users may not necessarily understand. We actually went through an exercise about this in a library school. I was paired off with someone and I mentioned “stacks,” and she looked at me like I was crazy. However, after being a librarian for 5+ years, I can safely say that “stacks” is not something that is useful for a lot of students, especially Freshman or first-time users.

I highly suggest using this site as a guide to creating usable labels for navigation. However, if you want the best support, ask your users what makes the most sense to them.

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