Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Here’s a great website I’d like to share: http://tos-dr.info/ . It’s a new project which aims to summarize user agreements for various online services. It’s boils the huge long terms of service (TOS) agreements that many (myself included) blindly click.

We live in an age where users are constantly producing content. Creators want to share their art and works, but how we share can actually restrict the ownership of what we’ve made. Take for instance Twitpic. Unless you read the license agreement, Twitpic has the right to sell pictures that you’ve uploaded to twitter to news agencies without giving you a cut.

It’s easy to share content online, but it’s also easy for others to take your content and claim it as their own. Even worse, they can earn money for your endeavors or use it for political or commercial use without your say so.

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