UPDATE: CCUMC Las Vegas 2012 Presentation

UPDATE:  Here is my powerpoint presentation from the conference.  You can find additional information here under “Libraries and Mobile Development: Successes and Failures “

I am currently in Las Vegas for the Consortium of College and University Media Centers annual conference. This is my first time presenting at a national conference. I will be talking bout the evolution of our library mobile website. From its humble beginnings to the current Drupal JQuery Mobile configuration.

CCUMC covers many aspects of media use in higher education. Some of the presentations that I have attend include the shift of analog hardware to digital solutions. It seems that many institutions are moving towards streaming, blu-ray, and HDMI technology. It has given me ideas on how to improve my library’s media center. They have also addressed the copyright implications of VHS cloning and retirement. Another session looked at how ProQuest is using automated transcriptions for videos.

Technology is always in flux and I think its interesting how a group such as CCUMC is keeping everyone informed on emerging and cutting edge trends in educational technology.

I will post a link to my presentation soon.

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