Mobile Usability Testing

Next month I’m going to conduct a usability test on my library’s mobile site. I’m using an iPad as my main instrument to test user’s reactions.

In the future, I may make another study where I can use a multitude of devices, but there are so many that utilize our site. The iPad was selected mostly because of its popularity in our analytics stats.

Regardless, I would like to find some information on students’ general reaction to the site. Our mobile site is stripped down with the reasoning of having the most popularly used links on the forefront. Anything more may require our regular site.

This will also be used to help our next redesign interaction. It will most like utilize a responsive design, but Aaron Schmidt makes an interesting case of why a RWD isn’t the end all and be all of the mobile user experience that a lot of designers are making it out to be.

I personally believe its a stepping stone. Mobile technology is constantly changing and more devices are becoming accessible wireless to the web. It may even get to the point where we can’t or if its even possible, to cater to everyone’s expectations!

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