It’s Open Access Week

It’s Open Access Week! This week the City Tech library faculty are presenting on a number of Open Access (OA) related activities.

Here’s a great video on Open Access:

OA allows research to be freely available to anyone who needs it. It has many roots found within the open software and open source movement. I actually took the time to check back on my first refereed publication and found that I gave up my rights as an author on the work that I have done. Now, users must pay a fee to access my writing. As a critic of my own work, I don’t think anyone should pay for my writing. However, joking aside, OA is one solution for libraries with shrinking budgets that can’t keep up with the subscription fee of publishers. The other model is libraries becoming their own publisher (which I also support).

Tomorrow, myself and a couple of other colleagues will be presenting on OA and the Arts. Throughout CUNY, there are other OA events going on that I recommend everyone to check out.

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