Google Chrome Extensions

UPDATE: It looks like Hoverzoom is now using malware 🙁 Oh well.

I’ve been using Google Chrome since it was released a few years ago.

Here are some extensions that I think librarians and your everyday civilian would appreciate:

Hoverzoom – This previews thumbnails to their larger sizes. Useful for Pinterest, Creative Commons Searches, and Google Image search.

AdBlock – Speaks for itself. This prevents pop-ups from ad sites. It can also be useful to block tracking.

dotepub – This extension creates an eBook out of any webpage. I don’t use this one as much, as I usually just print out PDF versions of webpages.

Hobbit: A Journey of Middle Earth – A promo extension, but provides a really fun way to look at the map of a Middle Earth for the Peter Jackson flicks.

Library Extension – This allows you to see if book on Amazon is available locally. It’s like a free version of book burro.


More to come…


  1. I’ve got a few that I rely on everyday:

    Clearly. Cleans up a page to make the text more readable and makes it super easy to clip content to Evernote. scrobbler: As a long-time user, this one helps send data from places like YouTube to my account.

    Google Translate: Suggests translations when you go to a site in another language.

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