I Really Like It When Library Websites Have This

Librarianship is all about sharing knowledge and resources, and I think it’s great when library websites post this.

UPDATE 2-4-14: I also discovered NCSU’s User Studies page.

At my library, we are in the transition of upgrading our Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Two D7 sites I take a lot of inspiration from include the John Jay Loyd Sealy Library website and the Stanford University Library website. What I really enjoy is the little blurb that have on how their site works.

John Jay’s statement can be found here. I like this because it’s short and provides links where you can gain more information. There’s also more information about how their site is created from Robin’s posts on the CUNY Common’s Emerging Tech site.

You can find Stanford’s brief technical primer here. I especially like this because a lot of it was programmed either in-house or through open-source means.

Not only is this helpful for people like me redesigning their site, but it’s also helpful for LIS students, budding web developers, and programmers, to take a peek under the hood. I know that when we finish our redesign and move to the cloud, I’ll be placing a small bit about our site.

My other favorite Drupal library website is Princeton’s library website. They don’t have a little statement about what they use on their site, but you could look into their source code and see what kind of modules they’re running.

Talk about hot-rodding your library website! Now I should figure out how to hack Apache Solr so I can combine a search for the library’s main site and our blog…

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