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This year, I am participating in my first World Book Night as a giver.

World Book Night is an event where you give books out to strangers who may not necessarily have access to the printed word. I applied as a giver, writing an essay of what I would do with the books and how I would distribute them. I selected Peter Heller’s Dogstar.

There’s a couple of reasons I chose this book. Firstly, its the first fiction book I’ve read in the past year. I’ve been busy with research and reading other books about coding, usability, and mobile devices, that I haven’t had time to read just for pleasure. Secondly, its in my growing reading list of fiction books that examine post-apocalyptic Earth. I am a huge sci-fi nerd, and I really enjoy books that have themes of “the end.” I feel like it takes great imagination to read and write only not causes the collapse of civilization, but how survivors, well, survive. Lastly, I chose this book because even though I bought it on a whim, I unfortunately left it in the airport flying back from vacation last summer.

I wanted to participate in WBN because I truly do love reading. Even more so, I love storytelling. I think that’s the best way humans can connect with one another. Sharing experiences is a very empathic and emotive experience for everyone involved. As ironic as this sounds, as a librarian I don’t really deal with giving away that many books these days. My mother is a public librarian and I remember when I was little she would recommend books to others or read books to me and my sisters. Now, however, I don’t recommend books, but point out databases, movies, and textbooks. Here’s my big chance. (In case you’re wondering I’m going to be distributing these books on World Book Night, Wednesday April 23rd at Grand Victory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY).

If you are interested more in World Book Night, I suggest going to the official site.

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