End of the semester happenings

There were a number of significant happenings towards the end of this academic year. 

Today, I earned a 7 year service award from the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). (Technically, I’ve been a faculty member here for 8 years). I am very grateful for this award and really can’t believe I’ve been here this long.

I joined my first ALA Roundtable and went beyond as just a member. I am on ALA’s Video Roundtable and serving on the Notable American Library Association’s Notable Videos for Adults Committee. I am very excited about this opportunity! Even though most of my work involves dealing with the website, I also develop my library’s media collection. I will also attend the upcoming ALA Midwinter Meetings in Chicago and Boston.

This week I was also elected Department Delegate to College Council and was placed on City Tech’s Tech Technology Committee. I’ve served on various other committees in the college, but I think the Tech Committee will be an interesting change of pace.

Next year is going to more interesting as there a few library faculty members retiring or taking sabbatical. I predict that next academic year will be a challenge on many different levels, but I look forward to taking them on.

On a personal note, I’m getting married a week from Saturday. Everything else seems to pale in comparison to that!

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