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ALA Annual 2015 Flight Check


This week, the American Libraries Association Annual Conference begins. It will be my first time attending the conference since 2007, which was in Washington DC. This year, the conference is in San Francisco. 

In addition to attending, I will be presenting at a panel discussion for the Video Roundtable, as well as speaking at the LITA Drupal4Lib Interest Group meeting. I am also co-chair for the joint ALTCS/LITA Library Code Year Interest Group, where we had a meeting and a preconference scheduled. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts and a low number of registrants for the preconference, both had to be cancelled. Regardless, I believe that our co-chairs are planning a webinar to make up for our preconference session.

The Video Roundtable will have a panel presentation on public performance rights. I am very excited, as this will be my first professional panel presentation. If you’re interested in learning about video programming for libraries, please attend this session!

Now I just have to make sure I have the necessary things for my travels. In addition to reading books while travelling, I’ve been listening to a great podcast called The Flophouse.  Its great for film buffs. It is the podcast to listen to if you’re into bad movies and nerd comedy, then I highly recommend taking a listen. I also purchase Goat Simulator, a computer game, aptly named as you are a goat running around in a city destroying things.

I’m really looking forward to visiting San Francisco. Let’s hope the weather is more pleasant on the west coast!

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