Using Instagram for the Library

Last week, fellow City Tech librarian Nora Almeida gave a lightning talk presentation on using Instagram for our library at the ACRL/NY Library Marketing and Outreach Interest Group meeting. Many libraries use Instagram for promotion.

A challenge that someone mentioned was running out of content to post. For our particular library, I don’t think that’s necessarily the problem. I think the real problem is consistently updating our feed. When we first started using this particular social media network, we had a library web intern who was able to capture a lot of content. After he left, I created a social media calendar to try and get other librarians to generate content. However, this can be very difficult over the regular semester as things get busier.  I wonder if there’s a way to streamline Instagram so its easier to post? It seems contests can provide content, but it can be difficult to get students to participate.

You can view the presentation here.

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