From Dynamic to Static

As a way to challenge myself and learn new skills, I think I’m going to eventually abandon this WordPress based blog and switch to a static site generator. This past academic year, I’ve had to deal with a few hacked WordPress sites from bad or outdated plugins at work. One of these plugins hadn’t been… Continue reading From Dynamic to Static

code4Lib and Designing for Digital 2020 Conference Report Backs with Corona on the Side

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend portions of the code4Lib 2020 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA and the Designing for Digital (D4D) 2020 in Austin, TX conferences in the same week. During this time, while traveling the COVID-19 (which I have began singing to the tune of Come On, Eileen) epidemic transitioned into… Continue reading code4Lib and Designing for Digital 2020 Conference Report Backs with Corona on the Side

I was a Library Freedom Project cohort

For the past 6 months, I participated as a cohort for Library Freedom Project’s Library Freedom Institute, an IMLS grant-funded curriculum that trains librarians on privacy issues. Alison Macrina, who I first heard speak at a LACUNY Institute years ago, heads the project. Participating in LFI has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences… Continue reading I was a Library Freedom Project cohort

Sketch 2009

There are no classes today, so I’m doing a digital clean up. I found this sketch I designed for the library website in 2009. We didn’t use this design because I think the argument was it was too minimal. I regret not doing some paper prototyping to get some data on it.

LACUNY Institute Report Back

This past year, I co-chaired the LACUNY Institute Planning Committee with Prof. Mark Aaron Polger of the College of Staten Island. It was my first time organizing the LACUNY Institute annual conference, and it was a excellent experience. The Planning Committee was top notch, and I felt that nothing could’ve happened without them. Our theme,… Continue reading LACUNY Institute Report Back

Bandcamp keeps me sane.

This week I've been writing a book chapter on knowledge management systems. Here's my writing soundtrack: Marrow Hymns by INSECT ARK <a href=””>American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On by Keiji Haino & SUMAC</a> <a href=””>Vertige by Basalte</a> <a href=””>Romantic by MANNEQUIN PUSSY</a> <a href=””>All At Once… Continue reading Bandcamp keeps me sane.

In Response to Jeff McCall’s Banned Books Opinion Column

Jeff McCall recently wrote an opinion column for The Hill regarding the American Library Association’s annual event “Banned Books Week,” held every September. I strongly disagree with Prof. McCall’s points on how this celebration is “shrill Chicken Little-like panic about the supposed evil forces in America that want to censor reading material and diminish a… Continue reading In Response to Jeff McCall’s Banned Books Opinion Column