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Urban Library Journal, code4lib 2016 Conference, and the Metro UX SIG

Just a few quick updates:

There is a new issue of Urban Library Journal available, containing select proceedings from this past year’s LACUNY Institute that focused on privacy in libraries. It was also my first time editing an issue on my own.

The code4Lib 2016 Conference Website is now up and running. Take a look here. This year’s conference will be held in Philadelphia. I’m very excited about serving on the conference’s Website Group. It was great picking up on jekyll.js.

Lastly, I’m going to be speaking at the METRO Library Council’s User Experience User Group on October 14th! I’ll be discussing my book,  Usability and the Mobile Web. I’m looking forward to sharing my work with the folks at METRO!


Usability and Mobile Web Book Reviews

I’ve been getting a couple of reviews for my book, Usability and the Mobile Web. Here’s a review from the Australian Library and Information Association. Many thanks to Catherine Gilbert Parliament of Australia Library for looking it over!

It’s also been in a recent issue of SciTech News, a resource I personally use for collection development. It has also received a positive review from Catholic Library World June 2015 issue, reviewed by Susan Camille.


Usability and the Mobile Web

I’ve very happy to announce that my book Usability and the Mobile Web: A LITA Guide, has been pressed by ALA TechSource!

If you are interested in the basics of usability for mobile devices, user-centered design, and some tips on building mobile sites for your library, you can get a copy here or better yet, ask your local library to pick up a copy.

Much thanks goes to Pat Hogan, Angela Gwizdala, and Rob Christopher at ALA for allowing me this opportunity. A very special thanks to Paul Mendelson who copy edited the book.

My two pennies publishing

Usability and the Mobile Web Book

For the last year, I have been working on a manuscript for ALA TechSource. I have received word from my editor, Patrick Hogan, that my manuscript has been approved for production.

This LITA Guide, entitled (for now) Usability and the Mobile Web, examines mobile usability testing for library websites. I firmly believe that usability is necessary for the success of a library’s website. It provides evidence on how well the site works from its most important component: its users.

This LITA Guide will provide an outline of what usability is, the differences between mobile sites, apps, and hybrids, and how to conduct a mobile usability test.

There are some CUNY librarians that have been immensely helpful in writing this guide, based on our informal and formal conversations on mobile library websites and apps. You should take a look at their blogs for some of the amazing work that they do!

Monica Berger

Robin Camille Davis

Stephen Francoeur

Stefanie Havelka

Steve Ovadia

Maura Smale

Allie Verbovetskaya

Darrow Wood

Stephen Zweibel

My two pennies publishing

New idea: Git Repo for my CV

A recent twitter conversation about resumes and CVs made me re-think how to streamline my own. A library twitter user was talking about putting their CV into JSON format in a repo. What a great idea!

I could easily see putting my own CV into JSON format, use a PHP decode for the repo, and publishing it on as my CV.

Putting the CV in JSON would not only help me keep it organized, but updating it would be less typing than an actual update.



Mobile Interface Development Preprint

UPDATE 12-4-2013: 50 users can now view and download the article by following this link.

I just had an article accepted to the Journal of Web Librarianship. It will be published in the upcoming October, 2013 issue. A pre-print version is available here.

It basically outlines how you can use Google Analytics to help mold a library’s mobile web interface. It seems common sense to me to the order of links based on their order of popularity. I also mention a few open source based analytics tools, such as Piwik and Clickheat, that can help librarians find other data on their website visitors. I also rely heavily on Google Analytics.


Tooting my own horn

Great news! Not only did I find out that I had an article accepted into the Journal of Web Librarianship, but my usability study on my library’s mobile site has just been funded by a PSC-CUNY grant.


Code4lib Journal

Code4lib recently published an article I wrote on using PHP parse a library webpage for our mobile site. You can read more here: I’m very happy to have this article published in an open access journal. This is also my first article in an open access publication.

Code4lib provides practical examples and solutions for a multitude of library projects. Since it is open access, any librarian can us this resource. Even more so, many of the articles written take advantage of open source technology and coding. I would like to think that this is the future of a more “open” movement. Even though it is not available in print and only online, it is highly accessible.